Manulife Bank: The Best High Interest Rate Savings Account

Make 1.55%1 on your cash savings with the online bank you can count on

Over the past six months, some online banks have changed ownership and dropped interest rates on their personal savings accounts. If this has happened with your bank, it’s an ideal time to review your options to see if there is something better for you. One option is Advantage Account, offered by Manulife Bank.

About Manulife Bank

Manulife Bank - 1.55% on Advantage account
Manulife Bank – 1.55% on Advantage account

Manulife Bank is a Schedule 1 bank owned by Manulife Financial. An online bank, it’s been in business for 20 years and is Canada’s eighth-largest domestic bank. Manulife Bank works closely with financial advisors, like our team here at Life Guard Insurance, to help Canadians integrate premium banking products into their financial portfolios.

About Advantage Account – 1.55%

Are you looking for a savings account with a proven history of strong rate performance? Look no further. You can count on Manulife Bank to provide you with market-leading rates on your personal savings.

Here’s how Advantage Account compares to some other online banks:

  • Manulife Bank Advantage Account 1.55%1
  • Ally High Interest Savings Account 1.20%2
  • ING Investment Savings Account 1.35%3

What about fees?

With Advantage Account, you can transfer your money online or over the phone and make deposits with no fees. Plus, a number of other transaction types are available for a small fee. Visit for a full fee schedule.

How do I make the switch?

Whether your have your savings with another bank or just want to start saving, I can help you get market-leading rates with an Advantage Account. Simply contact us and we can help you get started.