Term 100 Life Insurance Canada

Simple & Guaranteed: Term 100 Life InsuranceTerm 100 Life Insurance

Term 100 Life Insurance will give you a permanent plan with guaranteed premiums locked in to age 100.  If you live past age 100, the premiums cease, yet the coverage remains in force.  A Term 100 Life Insurance policy can give you a very affordable monthly or annual payment for the risk protection you need.  Your beneficiaries will be protected from financial risk today, and you have locked in a benefit for them in the future, no matter how long you live.

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Your Term 100 Life Insurance plan can offer you many excellent features:

  • You will have insurance coverage for life.
  • Design the amount of permanent insurance that meets your needs.
  • Your beneficiaries or estate  receives a TAX FREE lump sum amount of cash upon your death.
  • Your premiums are guaranteed to remain unchanged for as long as you live.
  • If you became terminally ill, Life Guard Insurance can negotiate a compassionate advance on your policy, typically 50% of the death benefit (to certain maximums with different insurance companies).

Unique Term 100 Plan Designs for Canadians

You can make your Term 100 Life Insurance policy really work for you.  Choose some of these typical plan features:

  • Joint First-to-Die: Insures two or more people (most commonly husband and wife) and will pay the lump sum tax free when the first one of the two dies.  Reduces the cost to you when you and your spouse or business partner are relying on each other financially.
  • Joint Last-to-Die: You can use this as a very common estate planning life insurance policy, where you need the tax free insurance benefit to pay off capital gains taxes, final expenses, and create a legacy for the next generation.
  • Add Term Riders: If you need some temporary life insurance to go along with your permanent plan, you can attach term riders to your Term 100 Life Insurance policy. This is usually less expensive than buying separate Term 10 or 20 life insurance because the annual policy fee is waived to administer the policy.
  • Add a Child Term Rider: Whether you have just one child or several, a child term rider can protect your family from the devastating financial impact of loosing a child, plus the base coverage that each of your children has would be convertible into a personal life insurance plan once they are adults (usually 5 to 10 times the amount of the rider without medical evidence).