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Universal Life Insurance Canada

What Is Universal Life Insurance? Combine the protection of permanent life insurance with the value of tax sheltered investing under one umbrella If you need a lifetime of insurance protection and you’re seeking tax advantaged ways to invest, consider Universal Life Insurance. At Life Guard Insurance, we use Universal Life Insurance as our most flexible […]

Term 100 Life Insurance Canada

Simple & Guaranteed: Term 100 Life Insurance Term 100 Life Insurance will give you a permanent plan with guaranteed premiums locked in to age 100.  If you live past age 100, the premiums cease, yet the coverage remains in force.  A Term 100 Life Insurance policy can give you a very affordable monthly or annual […]

Basic Term Life Insurance

Simple & affordable term life insurance for families and small businesses in Canada Term life insurance might be an ideal solution for you. Are you a young family with lots of monthly expenses? Do you need financial risk protection, but don’t want to break the bank to afford it? You will be surprised at how affordable Term […]

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Do you want an off the lot disability policy, or a super-charged model? Optional benefits to enhance yourdisability insurance policy Future Income Option This rider allows you to increase your amount of monthly coverage from your disability insurance policy in the future regardless of your health or a different type of job at the time. […]

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Do YOU have enough Health Insurance? Illnesses and health care costs can cause financial ruin for a family living in Canada. Provincial Health Insurance Plans across Canada have been de-listing many services. A large number of expensive services are not covered at all or have reduced levels of service for people in Canada. Universal Healthcare does […]

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Who Do You Know In Canada That Has Suffered Cancer, Heart Attack Or Stroke? Would their situation have improved with $50,000, $100,000 or even $250,000 of tax free critical illness insurance benefits after diagnosis? Critical Illness Insurance provides coverage for these and over 24 other MAJOR illnesses and injuries that will change your life forever. How Much […]

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Health and Dental Insurance Made Easy! Want To Bridge The Gap In Your Provincial Health Insurance? The costs of prescription drugs, dental care, ambulances and medical equipment could be staggering. Can your monthly budget handle a big medical bill? Your provincial health care insurance plan covers most of our major medical bills, like hospital costs, visits to […]

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Who will care for you when you need it? The Canadian Government? Long Term Care Insurance: Protect yourself through securing your financial independence. Your Retirement Plan can easily fall apart without aLong Term Care Plan. Will your Provincial Health Care Insurance Plan look after you? The population of Canada, and all of Canada, is rapidly aging. Over the next 15 years the number […]

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Errors and Omissions Insurance – What is it for?

Committing a mistake or an error is nothing new as this is essentially part of what makes us humans. Even so, if the mistake committed is part of our job, the liability falls on us as there are usually consequences that results from such errors. If the mistake fall on a professional or business setting […]

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The Dangers of Procrastinating When Buying Life Insurance

Procrastination Can Kill Your Chances of Buying Life Insurance Life Insurance is here today, gone tomorrow If you’re like most people, the idea of buying life insuranceseems like a chore – something that is easily put off until tomorrow. Well, for the procrastinator in all of us we know that tomorrow never comes. It’s a […]

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