Insurance Need Analysis Canada

Do you need insurance to protect your family? Do an Insurance Need Analysis Now!

Completing an Insurance Needs Analysis is the best way to find out how much insurance is enough coverage for you. Picking numbers out of the air that seem large enough could leave your family seriously under insured. 

What is your most valuable asset?

If you answered your house – you would be wrong!  Insuring major debts like your mortgage is always a good idea.

But YOU are worth so much more to your family than a paid off house

Look at this simple Canada-based example: Let’s say you own a home that is worth $450,000, and you owe $250,000 on it.  It looks like you have an asset worth almost half a million dollars, and equity of $200,000.

Now what is worth more – your house or YOU?insurance-need-analysis1

Protecting your loved ones from the devastating financial loss of losing your income is the most important part of a Life Insurance Need Analysis. Life Guard Insurance has three FREE insurance needs analysis tools you can use to help you evaluate your need for life insurance, disability insurance and critical illness insurance.