Did You Wake Up Excited To Buy Life Insurance Today?

I’m Excited to Sell Insurance. Are You Excited to Buy It?

Life Insurance: Probably not the most exciting purchase you’ll ever make

ExcitedI don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who rolled out of bed saying, “This is a wonderful day – the day I buy Life Insurance!” I know that your insurance broker (counting myself among the group of life insurance brokers) is probably a lot more excited about selling you a policy than you are about buying one. And not just because of the commissions he/she will earn on the sale. Your broker understands how proper financial risk protection can benefit a family, how permanent life insurance can offer “investors” a rich and tax sheltered cash value, and how a person’s and family’s future can go on, no matter what life throws at them. We brokers have internal rewards and motivation to sell life insurance policies – not just commissions.

Does buying life insurance make you feel good?

When you purchase life insurance it should make you feel safe, secure and confident you have protected the one’s you love. That should make you feel good. Also, setting aside financial worries, like worrying about what would happen to your family if you died, is also a relief. Once your life insurance is in place you can have peace of mind and those worries are resolved.

Still, getting life insurance isn’t an exciting purchase. It’s not like shopping for a new sports car, or booking that exotic vacation you’ve always dreamed of. Those things are exciting purchases – and they can bring real joy to your life. Unfortunately, life insurance just feels like another bill you’re paying for each month. Something that could be avoided if you turned a blind eye to the possible risks to your life and the financial reality your family would face without your support or income. You can choose to be without life insurance. Sure! I’m not saying it’s a wise thing to do – but you can go without it.

When your family claims on your life insurance policy, that bill suddenly become the wisest investment you ever made!

Being financially responsible has its own rewards

While the process of buying life insurance is not the most fun, the rewards of having a policy that protects your family are great. You know that the tax free money paid from your life insurance policy will be a HUGE relief to your spouse and kids if anything were to happen to you. You’ve set up a plan that will look after their daily needs for years to come, when you are no longer there to provide for them. Making sure the mortgage is paid off, bills are paid, food is on the table, money is set aside for emergency expenses, that children can go to college or university, and your spouse won’t have to sell the house to make ends meet is why we buy life insurance. It’s a good feeling! It’s your way of saying, “I love you and I will protect you.” even beyond the grave.

Now, let’s be prepared. Buying life insurance is actually a slow and sometimes annoying process. Here are the steps to go through before you have a policy:

  • Meet with an insurance advisor/broker and discuss the “what ifs” around your death and mortality
  • Have a paramedical exam – with needles, urine specimens, height and weight measurements, etc.
  • Wait about 6 weeks for the underwriter to make a final decision
  • Meet your insurance advisor again to accept your life insurance policy

Not fast, and not what most people would call A Good Time, but necessary. At Life Guard Insurance our advisors help take the stress out of this process. We can discover exactly how much life insurance you should have, find the most competitive premiums in Canada for you, keep you informed all throughout the underwriting process, and finally be your trusted insurance advisor for years to come.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote and/or financial needs analysis to see how much life insurance you need. We would love to help you and become your trusted insurance advisor.