Errors and Omissions Insurance – What is it for?

Committing a mistake or an error is nothing new as this is essentially part of what makes us humans. Even so, if the mistake committed is part of our job, the liability falls on us as there are usually consequences that results from such errors. If the mistake fall on a professional or business setting […]

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Oil And Gas Insurance Brokers Calgary: Did You Find The Right One?

How do you know if you are talking with the right oil and gas insurance brokers Calgary? How sure are you that they can provide you with the help that you need? Indeed, the thought of finding the right insurance policy that will cover all your needs can be a daunting task. Not only are […]

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How to Adjust to Life on Disability

Whether you are on short term or long term disability, adjusting to a new lifestyle can be difficult and oftentimes emotionally taxing on individuals.  Life on disability can be a huge adjustment; not only does that mean that your ailments have left you unable to work but you are suddenly forced to live a more […]

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Return of Premium on Disability Insurance Policies

Is a Return of Premium (ROP) Rider Worth It? Disability is expensive enough – why add return of premium? For many people who are self-employed or who don’t have employer sponsored group disability coverage, buying a personal disability insurance policy is a must. This seems like a no-brainer, but most people are surprised at the […]

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Manulife Bank: The Best High Interest Rate Savings Account

Make 1.55%1 on your cash savings with the online bank you can count on Over the past six months, some online banks have changed ownership and dropped interest rates on their personal savings accounts. If this has happened with your bank, it’s an ideal time to review your options to see if there is something […]

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Mortgage! Does the Word Mean Debt or Lifestyle to You?

What Does Your Mortgage Mean To You? What are you protecting when you insure your mortgage? When a family or individual borrows money from the bank to finance a home, be it a traditional mortgage or home line of credit, they are going into significant debt for their home ownership. It would be nice if […]

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The Dangers of Procrastinating When Buying Life Insurance

Procrastination Can Kill Your Chances of Buying Life Insurance Life Insurance is here today, gone tomorrow If you’re like most people, the idea of buying life insuranceseems like a chore – something that is easily put off until tomorrow. Well, for the procrastinator in all of us we know that tomorrow never comes. It’s a […]

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Health Insurance to Protect Your Investments

Proper Health Insurance Plans Can Keep Your Investments on Track Don’t risk your savings and assets for lack of proper health insurance plans Health insurance in Canada is so much more than just a prescription drug and dental plan. Have you ever heard the saying, “Your health is your wealth.” Simpy put, we all need […]

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Did You Wake Up Excited To Buy Life Insurance Today?

I’m Excited to Sell Insurance. Are You Excited to Buy It? Life Insurance: Probably not the most exciting purchase you’ll ever make I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who rolled out of bed saying, “This is a wonderful day – the day I buy Life Insurance!” I know that your insurance broker (counting myself among the […]

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About Life Guard Insurance

A Team of Life Insurance Brokers You Can Depend On Professional, Knowledgeable and Customer Service Focused Life Insurance Brokers The mission of Life Guard Insurance has always been to provide our online guests with Canada’s best internet resource for life and health insurance information. We believe that educating and empowering our clients helps them make […]

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